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LynnSoft, Inc.
LynnSoft develops and supports System and Application Software for Information Technology builder that supports a variety of Operating System platforms including Embedded System firmware. LynnSoft’s primary business focus is to become the leader in the Software Professional Services industry. The philosophy of the company is to deliver outstanding software service to meet the client’s need.

The success of LynnSoft is based on its ability to offer its customer the best overall Software Services. By using the existing software library routines to construct software to meet the customer requirement, LynnSoft develops and delivers the high quality, low risk, system software for the Information Technology industry.

The core of LynnSoft’s product line is the LynnSoft PC Card Software package that support all types of PC Card hardware such as Modem, LAN (including MIL-STD-1553), WLAN, WAN, SCSI, GPS, Flash Memory, and Fortezza Crypto Card. With the core product, Lynnsoft ports its existing bug-free device drivers to support its customer hardware with very short time delivery. In addition, Lynnsoft also has a delivery engineering team that is experts in Internet security software such as IPSEC Type II US Air Force requirement. As a sub-contractor for Lockheed Martin/HoneyWell International, Lynnsoft provided all of the software required for the PMA (Personal Management Assistance) for F22 jet fighter Aircraft. The team also has extensive experience in Operating System Kernel development and consistent delivery for Unix/Linux and Windows platforms.

The capability to provide the customer with a complete turnkey system software solution for all platform puts Lynnsoft in a unique position in the software industry. Rather than deal with several companies that supply pieces of the software, customer now only need to work with Lynnsoft as the single source to get the job done.

Lynnsoft takes pride in its commitment to technical Excellency. Staying up to date on software technology is the hallmark of Lynnsoft’s success. The product and services is surpassed only by Lynnsoft’s indepth technical expertise. The staff includes highly talented software developers, system engineers, support engineers, and technical sales/marketing personnel. Lynnsoft has a complete software development environment that uses the most advanced tools, libraries, testing and debugging facilities available today.

Lastly, to put the finishing touched on its business, Lynnsoft puts the needs of its customers first. Lynnsoft also has a full range of technical services to aid customers that need assistance. These services include special software development, hardware certification, and technical consulting

LynnSoft was found in 1993 from the founder’s entrepreneurship to serve and have found the short supply of the I/O software market. The I/O software market compose of the low-level device driver software (software that makes all hardware products work) and firmware (software the go into the EPROM) product. Since the large portion of the programmable electronic products’ success are depending on the quality of the I/O software as the success of the computer is depending on the quality and completeness of the supporting software product lines.

Future Goals
To deliver outstanding client service; to provide the fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our employees; and to achieve financial success.

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